live coverage (WWDC 2006 Keynote)

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WWDC 2006 keynote begins at 19.00 CET, probably ends at 20.30 CET. Stay tuned...

Segment I: Introduction/Roundup

  • Welcome to our live transcript. Odds and ends before the keynote: U2 are in the audience. Something music coming after all? People are discussing rumours.
  • People and music get louder. It's time... Steve Jobs is on stage now. Starting with a new ad joking about taking the rest of the year off.
  • It's the largest WWDC ever with over 4200 attendees. 1000 Apple engineers. 1 engineer for 4 attendees.
  • Last quarter was best Mac quarter ever. Gaining market share. intel transition coming along well.

Segment II: Hardware

  • As predicted by, the new Mac Pro comes with Woodcrest (64bit) processors. Up to 3 GHz, all dual core, large, 4 MB L2 cache (shared), EVERY Mac Pro gets two processors (four cores). Compared to the G5, there's a big jump in performance.
  • 1.6 to 2.1 times the speed of a quad G5. (So even the entry-level machine is faster. Good.) - 4 harddrive bays (up to 2 TB), two optical drives.
  • Same design as the PowerMac G5 - inside entirely different. Drive carriers, nicely done.
  • Standard config for 2499 USD: 2.66 GHz (dual), 1 GB RAM, Superdrive, graphics card. Everything else is BTO. Less expensive than Dell. Up to 3 GHz (as mentioned), up to 16 GB of memory, up to 2 TB of harddrive, up to Radeon x1900 or nVidia FX4500 graphics card, transition finishes today. (Xserve anyone?!) In only 210 days. (Adobe software? Microsoft?) Hey: We're not done yet, Steve...
  • Ah. Xserve. Entirely new (name stays). Woodcrest chips as well (Xeon). Adding secondary power supply. Entirely BTO. Competitive pricing, cheaper than Dell. Moving on to Mac OS X now...

Segment III: Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard"/Software News

  • On to Mac OS X. Apple's most successful software product ever. Made the transition to intel as easy as 210 days, easily portable. Apple says "thank you" for Universal Binaries.
  • Competition has been working on Vista for the past 5 years. (Well, not entirely, probably...) - Making fun of Microsoft. Comparing Tiger to Vista. Talking about Spotlight, RSS etc., how Microsoft actually did "start their photocopiers". (When Apple talked about Tiger, Steve had the phrase up "Redmond - start your photocopiers" back in the day...) - More jokes about Microsoft. (Come on, give us news...) Elvis impersonator shown. (Yeah, now to the news, please...)
  • Jobs says he can't talk about the top secret features of Leopard. But a preview of the most important features will now follow all the same.
  • Support for 64bit applications, previously at UNIX layer. Now everywhere. Full top-to-bottom support. Can have 32bit and 64bit applications side by side. No translation, no emulation - all native.
  • Time Machine. (New application.) "We all know we should do backups - but don't." Automatic. Because only 4% of users actually have automatic backups to stay updated up to date. "Whole new way of backing up files." To either a second harddrive or a server. (Actually, such a version control feature is coming in Windows Vista as well, but Steve of course doesn't mention that.) Time Machine automatically backs up files as they are altered. App uses visual effects to "move through time". Warping into place etc. (Comment: Erhh... Okay.) Attendees are obviously impressed. Works in Finder, but also third party applications (if the feature is added, that is). For example, you can go back in time in iPhoto. (My guess: It uses *tons* of harddrive space compared to "normal" backups. It's probably "instant" on a 3 GHz four-core Mac Pro and almost unusable on a MacBook with a 60 GB harddrive only. We'll have to dig deeper here later on.)
  • New (final) versions of FrontRow, BootCamp and PhotoBooth will be part of Leopard.
  • Spaces. (Virtual Desktops.) Finally! Very cool implementation, but Steve is basically showing what X11 users have long known.
  • Updated Spotlight. (My question: Does it work now. Probably won't be answered, coz Apple already thought Tiger's Spotlight was working.) Search on other machines as well (permissions granted). Servers. Lots of developer feedback on Spotlight, apparently. They're transforming it into an app launcher as well. (Argh.)
  • Core Animation coming. Time Machine's effects are built on Core Animation, apparently. Demoing a screensaver based on Core Animation. Define start frame, end frame and key frames, it figures out the rest of its own.
  • Demoing new Accessibility features. Captions in QuickTime, Text-to-Speech, Voiceover-functionality (now sounds like a real person) etc. Probably still English only, though. :/ While these features are nice, Apple has basically slept through the past 15 years, when text-to-speech first arrived on the Mac. (Or was it even earlier?) - Anyway, let's let Steve have fun with it.
  • gets HTML-stationary, notes, to-do's etc. Steve makes it sound great. I'm not toooooooooo impressed. (E-Mail should be plain text in my opinion. RTF if you truly need to "express more".) Steve says he used to mail notes to himself, there must be a better way. (Well, yes. A notes application, for example. Or iCal...) I guess this is to impress Entourage users. I actually hope one can turn these things off. iCal's apparently into this "system wide tracker". Good, then. Because I need to have these things synched to my mobile phone. Demoing these features now... Showing how stationaries work. How you can bring in photos etc. (I truly hope you can still simply "view attachments" as files.) "Very easy to send rich mail" - Can I please hear about how easy it'll be to send "non-rich" mail? I fear it's going to be similar to scrapping search based on file names... :/
  • Dashboard. For devs: Dashcode. Easy to use widget designer. CSS-editor, nicely done. Webclips. Users can use it to transform parts of webpages into widgets. Basically, it's what Active Desktop hasn't done for Windows users. Probably won't do much good for Mac users either. My first question: Is this safe? Or will we see more attacks on OS X through it?
  • iChat Theater now supports multiple logins, video recordings, animated icons, tabbed chats. Showing Keynote presentations to other people etc. Slideshows, videos etc. Fun with filters. Chatting with Phil Schiller. Automatic backdrops - no green-screen needed. Automatically takes out your background and replaces it with still pictures or videos. You can now be in Bali, New York, wherever you want your spouse to believe you are. ;)
  • That's basically it for showing Leopard today. Some "top secret" features not shown today. (Wow, we have work to do at rumour-central.) :)
  • Talking about multiple users. Giant leap in Xcode: Xcode 3.0 released today. Wrapping up Leopard news. Leopard to ship in Spring 2007. (Delayed from "end of 2006!)
  • Show done.

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