live coverage (MWSF 2007 Keynote)

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MWSF 2007 keynote begins at 18.00 CET, probably ends at around 20.00 CET. As soon as Apple starts webcasting the video (definitely *after* the keynote), we'll post the link here and on's main page. The green title indicates which category we are currently filling with live information.

Expectations: Before the keynote...

  • We'll see a more in-depth intro to Leopard, iLife '07 (new versions, no new apps) and iWork '07 will be released (including a Spreadsheet application), the iTV (final name pending) will be released. Those are the rumours with more than 90% probability, as we see it.
    A 30th Anniversary Macintosh could be what Apple's "The first 30 years..."-banner could be hinting at. 30" iMac? Who knows... We might also see the long-rumoured iPod 6G (widescreen) and an "iPhone", which would be a well-connected PDA according to the latest reports. Very recent reports point to at least Paramount adding catalogue movies (read: old) titles to the iTunes Store.
    Since 17.25 CET, Apple's online stores are down.

Segment I: Introduction/Roundup

  • waiting for Steve Jobs to enter stage... People are finally allowed to enter the room. It's taking longer than usually... Tension mounts. Music playing in the background, people are happy, it seems. Nervous, but happy.
  • Steve Jobs enters the stage.
  • Welcome etc. Rounding up the year. Intel transition went very well. New intel Macs almost every month during the transition. "It's been the smoothest and most successful transition that we have seen in our industry."
  • Thanking the developers who made the transition easy.
  • Mac/PC ad about peripherals, internals. Funny. :)
  • Talking about iPods and iTunes. Summing up how successful they are. Selling 58 songs a second.
  • Talking about selling movies. Paramount. More than 250 movies in the catalogue now.
  • iPod's market share before Zune's entry was 62 percent. Zune now has 2.
  • New iPod ad.

Segment II: Software

  • None.

Segment III: Hardware

  • "appletv" (iTV) - Same info as we already have so far. Besides the name, that is.
  • Now though: 720p HDTV, 40 GB harddrive. 802.11b/g/n. intel processor. Streaming from up to five Macs, one can be autosynced to the internal HD. Demoing Apple TV now. Movies at 1280*720 pixels look very, very good, of course.
  • appletv also plays music, photo slideshows etc., of course. It's FrontRow for your TV. Interface called iLounge. Demoing streaming movies from Phil Schiller's notebook. Price: 299 USD, as previously mentioned.
  • "Now on to something else..." - The biggie now? Today: 3 revolutionary products. (Okay. That's big enough for me.) :) - Widescreen iPod, Mobile Phone, Internet Communicator. One product. The "iPhone". Shows a comedy picture of a 3G iPod with rotary dial. But seriously now... -> Smartphone. But easy to use. Touchscreen. Multiple touches allowed. Works beautifully. Unintended touches ignored. (Well, let's test this in the field, I say...) ;)
  • iPhone runs Mac OS X. Core Animation, everything. Desktop class applications. It's a pad. Seriously: Science Fiction. Reality. Now. Am I under the influence of the reality distortion field? Either way: The Newton is dead. Long live the iPhone...
  • 3.5" screen, 160ppi. 8 GB flash memory. Only one "home" button Hold switch is "on screen". It *knows* whether it's held vertically or horizontally. 2 MP camera.
  • It's an iPod. Plays music, widescreen video...
  • More important for a phone: Calling. Very easy to call contacts. Add contacts for conference: One tap away.
  • Very impressive messaging, E-Mail, Safari... This really *is* the solution to mobile phone/PDA etc.
  • The most important feature is of course the multitouch interface. Gestures are working very well - well used in different applications. Same goes for the sensors which allow you to turn the screen to make it go vertical/horizontal etc.
  • I'm too much awe-struck to tell you everything. It's simply great. That must be enough. It's _the_ mobile phone. Period. You'll want one. I do.
  • demoing. Phil Schiller calls, Steve adds him to the Address Book while on the phone. He wants a photo of Hawaii. Steve mails it while still on the phone. Automatically switching speakerphone of course.
  • Apple compares this to Blackberries, other phones. They don't really look good compared to the iPhone. (Lawsuit still pending 'bout the name, btw.?)
  • shipping in June. 499 USD for 4 GB model, 599 USD for 8 GB model. 4th quarter in Europe, 2008 in Asia. Pricing includes 2yr contract. That's a tad much, I'd say. :/

Finally: One more thing?

  • None. (Unless we count John Mayer. But he's not _really_ an Apple product.) Show is over. Steve hugs John Mayer. Done. online again. new AirPort Extreme 802.11n in February. 179 USD. Keynote will be online here later on...

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