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The plot doesn't thicken... (MWSF Roundup 2)

Or does it. Well, we're talking about the usual rumour-wave before MWSF. It's still about 10 days away, but as could be expected, there are now quite a few rumours floating around. What I mean by that the plot doesn't thicken is that right now, we're in the phase where the field actually widens. In our experience, this means that about 75 percent of the rumours will turn out to be false. So let's take a closer look at what MWSF has in store for us - along with a bit of commenting, shall we.

  • Flash-based iPod - This rumour was one of the first to appear on the 'net with a target date for MWSF. The rumour was first based on some deal about flash-based memory, which could, of course, be targetting something else than a flash-based iPod version. There have been various mock-up pictures between then and now, but none seem to be 'true'. However: There has been confirmation from various sides to our site, and believe this one will become true. The price for the device as well as the memory size could not be confirmed so far, but if the second rumour is true, it'll either cost 149 or 99 USD.
  • iPod mini 5GB - One year after the iPod mini's first introduction at 4GB, Apple will release an updated version, maybe with new colours. The device's price will be reduced to 199 USD, according to our sources. This rumour's believed to be entirely true.
  • Asteroid - The famous FireWire breakout box rumour (which started on and AppleInsider) is believed to be the cause for Apple's lawsuit about 'something' versus 'someone', which amused the crowds a few days before christmas. Thus, we believe, it's true and will go with GarageBand 2.
  • Headless consumer Mac at 499 or 599 USD - Given the relatively late appearance of the rumour and the focus of various sources (we were contacted by 2 'good' sources about it a day prior to ThinkSecret's article), we also believe this one to be true.
  • iLife '05 - It's a given. The only thing still unclear is whether Apple will or will not bring out iTunes 5 along with the rest of the iLife crowd.
  • Keynote 2 - This rumour has been confirmed.
  • iWork '05 - We've been covering Apple's development of the next generation of AppleWorks for quite a while, and were (back then) a bit surprised that it was Keynote which made it to the market first. However: It seems that as with the 'cheap Mac' (or cMac), Apple wanted to wait for the right moment in time. The previously rumoured 'Document' application will, according to this new ThinkSecret article be called 'Pages' now. In order to replace AppleWorks totally, the suite would, of course, also have to have a spreadsheet application and some kind of 'FileMaker Light'. But Apple could say that if you need a database, you can get FileMaker instead (FileMaker Inc.'s still a subsidiary of Apple).
  • PowerMac G5 - A new PowerMac G5 will appear at MWSF or shortly (about a month) thereafter. Discussions are, according to our sources, still going on in Cupertino.
  • PowerBook G5 - The next PowerBook revision will be the initial PowerBook G5. Talk about whether it's ready to be announced at MWSF '05 has been muted by now, but as far as we know, we'll see either the PowerBook or the new PowerMac released at MWSF.
  • Tiger - It's been rumoured by various sites a while ago that Tiger would be released at MWSF, but that's pure nonsense. It's not ready yet. (The rumour was based on some combo deal with iLife '04 and Panther, which ends at MWSF, but that's because of iLife '05, of course.) However, we will hear the release date of Tiger and the public will finally see more of the new look that Tiger betas have gotten in the time since WWDC.

There have been other rumours floating around, too, but we don't give them any credibility. The following ten days will hopefully bring new information, and we'll update this list and post another roundup shortly before MWSF. Also, we'll of course be reporting live, so you can read the report if you don't have the chance to be there yourself or watch the stream.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-01-01 at 15:45 CET ]
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